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The Old English School Alumni Association, also known as “OESA” is an esteemed organization that brings together former students of English schools in Thailand. Established in 2477 B.E., the association has a rich history of fostering camaraderie and promoting cultural exchange among its members. With a primary objective of upholding friendship and strengthening the bonds between individuals who studied in England, OESA offers a vibrant community for those interested in English language and culture. The association hosts a variety of activities, including social gatherings, language programs, sports events, and entertainment, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a former student of an English school or simply intrigued by English language and culture, OESA offers a welcoming and engaging environment to share knowledge, experiences, and lasting friendships.



Prior to the change of government from an absolute monarchy to a democratic regime in 1932, OESA activities began with a dinner gathering for English-educated individuals who had completed their studies in England. The event took place at the Phya Thai Hotel (now known as Phramongkutklao Hospital) OESA planned to establish the association at the Rose Garden Palace but was unable to proceed due to the political changes.

In 1933, OESA organized social gatherings and dinner parties at the Saranrom Palace. The events were well-received, especially the “Khosin Riew” function, which became popular among OESA alumni and the general public.


On February 27, 1934, OESA was officially established and registered as an association with Phra Jao Worawongse Thewawong Na Ratchathamma, while he was still holding the position of M.R. Vararong Thewawong, serving as the association’s president.

OESA initially used the British Embassy as its official meeting venue. Later, they rented a mansion on Wireless Road and transformed it into a clubhouse, complete with various activities such as banquets, dances, debates, and performances. The association received support from a large number of members and British residents in Thailand.


OESA faced challenges during World War II and temporarily closed down as requested by the government.


After the end of the war, OESA resumed its activities.

In 1949, Lieutenant General Tawiwong Thawalyasak became the chairman of the association and moved to rent land and buildings at the corner of Sala Daeng Road (part of the current Dusit Thani Hotel). This property was owned by the Bureau of the Royal Household and was used to establish a club and the association’s office for many years. During this period, the OESA became a gathering place for many alumni of English schools, particularly those who held positions in the current association’s committee, known as the “regular members”.


With the kind assistance of the Bureau of the Royal Household, especially Lieutenant General Tawiwong Thawalyasak, who had passed away, and who was then the director of the Bureau of the Royal Household, the association moved to a new location on Phetchaburi Road, Khlong Tan Subdistrict. They provided 2 million baht as compensation for the construction of the new association building, which now includes a tennis court, swimming pool, conference room, banquet hall, and language institute.


Honorary Advisors

  • Khunying Kerdsiri Sarutanond
  • K. Chavali Osathanugrah
  • K. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri
  • K. Burin Nakcharoen
  • K. Runcha Boribalburibhand


  • Dr. Sopapim (Sresthputr) Simakulthorn


  • Dr. Pruethikrai Kraipipat
  • Captain Surasant Kongsiri

Advisor to the TREASURER

  • K. Worapat Witchawut


  • K. Pipob Puthipiroj


  • K. Srisongruk Chaiyasit


  • K. Orakarn Laoharutanun

Chairperson of Editorial Affairs

  • K. Kathleen Pokrud

Chairperson of Legal Affairs

  • K. Srobol Subhapholsiri

Chairperson Member Relations

  • Dr. Lavanchawee Sujarittanonta

Chairperson of Corporate Relations

  • Dr. Pimkhwan Bunjitpimol

Vice Chairman, Corporate Relations

  • Dr. Mana Techapaitoon

Advisors, Fundraising

  • Dr.Rungpailin Rattanacheeworn M.D
  • Mr. Raj Khimesra
  • Mr. Winston Doong

Chairman of Foreign Relations

  • Dr.Yossapong Laoonual

Chairman of Sports Activites

  • K. Somsak Vongtes

Chairman of Clubhouse Affairs

  • K. Thirasak Khan

Chairman of Public Relations

  • K. Peter Sombooncharoen

Vice Chairperson Public Relations

  • K. Kasamaphan Lourvanij

Chairperson of Special Activities

  • K. Supapij Xoomsai na Ayudhya

Vice Chairman, Special Activities

  • CDR Savapat Satitsatian RTN

Advisors, Special Activities

  • K. Boonyada Kitiyachotikui
  • K. Maria Xanthavanij
  • K. Mongkhon Chorswan